EKC 202 controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications – from control of air temperatures and defrost to more advanced applications, including control of light and fans.
Compact hardware design: Integration of 230 V a.c. voltage supply, four relays and built-in ”super cap” real time clock without compromising with the dimensions. A selection of supplementary modules makes it possible to extend the functionality with e.g. RS 485 network card and battery back-up.

Temperature sensors= Type EKS (PTC 1000), AKS (Pt 1000) or NTC.

HACCP and EN 441-13: Factory calibration ensures that the measuring accuracy of all EKC 202 controllers in combination with a Pt 1000 sensor is better than required in EN 441-13 without any subsequent calibration.


C = Compressor
D = Defrost
F = Fan
A = Alarm
L = Light
DO = Digital output
DI = Digital input
AI = Analog input


Función: 4 salidas, 2 sensores de temp., DI, Tensión de alimentación [V] c.a.: 230, Formato de empaquetado: Multipack, Cantidad por formato de embalaje: 18
Peso bruto0.37 Kg
Peso neto0.2 Kg
Ajuste fábrica espec.NTC SENSOR
Cantidad por formato de embalaje18 pc
ComunicaciónOptional LON,
Optional MODBUS
Consumo eléctrico [VA]2.5 VA
DescripciónEvaporator and room control
DescripciónEKC 202C
Display on frontYes
Equip.NTC Sensors (2x)
Formato de empaquetadoMultipack
Frecuencia [Hz]50/60 Hz
Función4 salidas, 2 sensores de temp., DI
HomologaciónC UR US
Intertek Semco
Nombre de productoRefrig appliance control (TXV)
Number of Compressors max.1 pc
Number of Evaporators max.1 pc
Temp. Sensor supportNTC-M2020
PTC 1000
Pt 1000
Tensión de alimentación [V] c.a.230 V
Tipo de controladorRefrigeration Controller
Área de aplicaciónRefrigeration control

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